Fashion 2.0: Fashion Tech? Technology You Can Wear

We’ve been hearing alot about technology you can wear. When I think about that, I think of skirts that can charge your phone, very convenient right?  However how long will this last? Will wearing technology be big or flop harder than Kim K at the Met Gala? (had to throw that in there). Here’s a few examples of the wearing technology I’ve seen.

1. Microsoft’s Tweeting Dress

According to PC Mag, Microsoft’s Tweeting Dress is made of paper and was stitched together completely by hand. A custom keyboard, which resembles and old school typewriter allows the wearer to send her 140-character message, which is then displayed on the dress through a projector. The dress is cute! Very classy, but is it worth it? I wonder how much that costs and if you have to carry the projector around. I’m a massive tweeter, I’m considering.

2. Bluetooth earrings.

I am with this one all the way! Hands free and fashionable? What more can you ask for!? There is nothing more to say in my opinion, when do they come out? They have these in white as well and I must say, the maker should be proud.

Other Pieces:

– The Cell Phone Dress: the phone piece is in your sleeve and the SIM cardis  behind your dress tag. Creative, but I don’t think it will work.

– Tweet Pockets : An app that displays your last tweet on your shirt pocket? Eh, I don’t know about that one. That could get alot of people in trouble.

-Google Glasses : Kind of self explanatory. Put them on, surf the web more close up than ever before. They can also snap point of view images and upload them which kind of invades the privacy of millions! This may not be the best idea.

-Memoto Lifelogging Camera: This snaps a photo every 30 seconds as you go through your day. This would be interesting to see what you find!

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Doll up!


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